City Light Show Interactive Application

Award Winning

Best of Class Interactive Application

Functionality–Locator Tab

Locator A Restrooms • Emergency Svcs

Locator B WiFi Zones • Viewing Areas

Locator C Vendors • Public Transport

Music Source

Listen to the music that drives City Light Show on the CLS Mobile App

Robust All Area WiFi

City Light Show provides a robust WiFi area the ensures audience connectivity

Earned Media

City Light Show is built to garner robust public coverage. Newspaper, television news and social media all leverage unique, eye-catching events like this...your participation in the event ensures your brand gets noticed.


You'll use the legacy media from the event in all your public, media and marketing efforts.

People Are Talking

Wow! They did that? Yes they did! You strive for public acclaim and notice, let City Light Show gin up your Q rating.


The audience relies on the City Light Show web app for all the information related to the show and for the soundtrack. We will also employ this network to push any necessary safety information out to attendees. We've got your back.

Additional Options

  • Feature the musical artist live at the event
  • Incorporate multiple buildings into the show
  • Create a legacy video
  • Employ LED screens at every lighting pod and main stage