After client go-ahead, how soon can we set our date?

A one-building program takes a month to produce...from lighting programming to city permits, you're online-ready in 30 days. If the program is more ambitious, say 50 buildings in Dubai, the time frame is closer to 270 days.

Can more than one organization sponsor a single event?

City Light Show is ready-made for multiple sponsors.

The Presenting Sponsor endows the light show itself and receives global billing. The App Patron covers the cost to produce the web application. The WiFi sponsor provides the all-area WiFi access. Of course, since the program is very affordable, the Presenting Sponsor usually wants to own the entire event.

How are you going to light the buildings?

City Light Show will employ on the ground, on building and adjacent building lighting positions.

Lighting Pod Type 1 Allows for pedestrian access during the day and becomes a sponsor hot spot for the show.

Lighting Pod Type 2 will be employed on key, off thoroughfare positions around the structure.

City Light Show uses the most powerful entertainment lighting instruments to create powerful architainment.