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Look Around, What Do You See?

Look at a skyline at night. Your eye is drawn to the illuminated buildings. City Light Show takes architectural illumination to the pinnacle of Wow! It's YAY COOL!

A Brilliant Production

Viewers extend the reach of City Light Show through Social Media. Videos, tweets, pictures and texts communicate the City Light Show Experience.

City Light Show – Where Art Meets Entertainment

Children of all ages love a spectacle. City Light Show leverages the innate power of grand architecture coupled with an awe-inspiring, high power light show to turn skyscrapers into living, breathing life forms. City Light Show creates indelible impressions that will be remembered for a lifetime. City Light Show uses the worlds biggest lighting instruments to bring architecture to life, turning iconic architecture into a living monument to the arts.

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City Light Show's Temporary Installations Don't Just Shine–We Bring Architecture To Life

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Empire State Building
Why is the Empire State Building New York City's defining icon? Why does it outshine the newly minted One World Trade Center? Simple. The Empire State Building employs the dynamics of a light show.
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Miami Tower
Engage City Light Show to showcase your building today. Look at any skyline. What do you see? The illuminated buildings. City Light Show takes illumination to the next level with unprecedented firepower and showmanship.
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Avenue of the Arts
Philadelphia's Avenue of the Arts is a must see attraction.

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Become a valued patron of the arts, couple your name with the Architainment Event of the decade.


Creating Life-Long Memories

Making the Grand Social Connection

Whether you're a building owner, management company or a great brand, City Light Show gives you the singular tool to win the hearts and minds of your constituents, stakeholders and the public at large. Be a Patron. Be loved.

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