Look Around, What Do You See?

"A city skyline is a unified conglomeration of architecture, commerce and big ideas made real. City Light Show brings a downtown skyline to life as a unified organism, the scope of which has never been seen"

John Brimelow

City Light Show – Where Art Meets Entertainment

Children of all ages love a spectacle. City Light Show leverages the innate power of grand architecture coupled with an awe-inspiring, high power light show to turn skyscrapers into living, breathing life forms. City Light Show creates indelible impressions that will be remembered for a lifetime. City Light Show uses the worlds biggest lighting instruments to bring architecture to life, turning iconic architecture into a living monument to the arts.

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Become a valued patron of the arts, couple your name with the Architainment Event of the decade.


Creating Life-Long Memories

Making the Grand Social Connection

Whether you're a building owner, management company or a great brand, City Light Show gives you the singular tool to win the hearts and minds of your constituents, stakeholders and the public at large. Be a Patron. Be loved.

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