Look Around, What Do You See?

"A city skyline is a unified conglomeration of architecture, commerce and big ideas made real. City Light Show brings a downtown skyline to life as a unified organism, the scope of which has never been seen"

John Brimelow

City Light Show – Where Art Meets Entertainment

Children of all ages love a spectacle. City Light Show leverages the innate power of grand architecture coupled with an awe-inspiring, high power light show to turn skyscrapers into living, breathing life forms. City Light Show creates indelible impressions that will be remembered for a lifetime. City Light Show uses the worlds biggest lighting instruments to bring architecture to life, turning iconic architecture into a living monument to the arts.

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Communities become a valued patron of the arts, coupling their names and neighborhoods and communities with an incredible, awe inspiring experience.


Creating Life-Long Memories

Making the Grand Social Connection

Powered by the people in each city, the City Light Show experience is extended to everyone in social media reach of those in the experience zone

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